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All our projects always have three things in common. Communication, Transactions & Interactions.


The easiest communication tool in your kindergarten. The kindergarten only gets ONE area to inform, instead of scattered all over (notice board, shelf post, door, walls, e-mail, etc.). Parents get notified with important information and can view it when it suits them on their mobile!


Kura won't replace communication between people, but it'll strengthen communication between people. Through the possibility of 2-way communication between employees and relatives, not only by simplifying the flow of information in everyday life. Relatives get a more comprehensive insight into the everyday life of their loved ones.


BonaMea is a data room service between buyer and selle. Complete history: Collect important documents in one place. That way you have full control and an overview; Secure long-term storage: We look after and secure your documents for you for as long as you wish; No software: You don't need any software, just internet access.